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Who is Oystr Finance?
What Does Oystr Finance Offer?
How Do I Pay For Data Received?
Who Can Become an Oystr TH Data Partner with Oystr?
Who Can Become an Oystr Float Originator?
How Can I Become an Oystr Float Originator or Oystr TH Data Partner?
Can Oystr Help Diversify my Portfolio?
Does Oystr Handle Loan Origination and Sourcing?
Are Customers' Privacies Breached?
How Does Oystr Finance Help the Underserved Communities?
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Built With Developers in Mind

With our seamless APIs, SDKs, and easy-to-read documentation, we help lenders and credit bureaus understand and access the profile of individuals and small businesses. Our APIs enable access to alternative sources of data and mitigation of the risk associated with credit extension to the underserved population.

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